Journey to Ravenloft

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Journey to Ravenloft

Post by DM on Thu Apr 13, 2017 8:18 am

One cannot expect to journey to the demiplane of dread in such an fair way fashion. There are many variables in the rough that come into play when crossing into Ravenloft.

1) Ready for Ravenloft

Dracouria Mistone Navaal is a high level follower of Solinari (The God of Good Magic). They are on a mission to bring the light of Krynn to the outer planes in hopes of saving souls. To test your resolve here on Krynn before even attempting the perilous journey to Ravenloft. This no easy campaign. There may be no coming back from this. It is an all in few scenario.

So why go there? Why would any traveler even bring up the atrocities of these domains? What would be the purpose of venturing to a land of misery and oppression. Why would any valiant brave able soul fight for the soul of another conscieseness.

Getting to Ravenloft

The realm of ravenloft is not your typical realm. It is an ancient plane of domain. Evil is sent to ravenloft to generate more evil. Ravenloft is a breeding ground for the unholy. It is physically secluded yet easily accessible. Here are three known ways.

       (Option 1) Follow in the footsteps of Soth and do heinus acts until the Mist grabs you. This involves many evil acts and a dismissal of your life importance.
       (Option 2) Attempt to gain passage to Ravenloft through the only portals that exist in Krynn.
              Gate 1 - According to legend the gate was opened by the mists to give adventurers a back door into Ravenloft. This gate is located in the territory of Abanacinia, in
                           the southern territory of Krynn. The popularity of this gate creates a very difficult problem getting to the gate. It is used by High level Patriarchs of evil to
                           surprise would be adventurers looking for the "quick way" to the realm of dread
              Gate 2 - A second gate was created in the cataclysm of Krynn on the Continent of Taladas (Home to Minotaurs and Dragons). Located between the Glade and the
                           mountains there lies a cave. This gate while very difficult to get to in its own right, is quite unknown to to local population and adventurers. Mainly on
                           account of when you go in you don't come out.
        (Option 3) God's have the power to do amazing things. If your God wills it you may have the opportunity to be blinked into existence in the realm. There has only been
                        one recorded incident of this happening and to be honest there is no proof that it did work considering Elofschmear did not return.

2) The Ravenloft Mist is an entity all it's own. It has the power to obtain a high level paladin who has made many wrong choices, and give him control of an entire domain (Soth). It is real and very daunting. It creeps through your flesh and discovers your innermost fears. It then uses this new found knowledge to test your resolve in hopes that you break. The mist is chaotic and random. YOu need to get used to things not being how you want them. In the Mist there are no rules. There is only chaos. The mist can be limited through various rituals and devotions. It is imperative that EACH member of the party get with either the cleric or the Paladins and be blessed and accept their god of light as your king. THis must be witnessed and written in a piece of cloth that must be on your person at all times.

3) Food and Drink is not readily available to you once you are in. You must either bring provisions or have the abilty to create them. With the later there is always a chance that conjured food and drink will have the stain of the mist and curse. It is a better option to bring provisions and care for said provisions. Do not accept food or drink from anyone in Ravenloft. There is a high percentage that it is poisoned or cursed. Your holy water will be very valuable but will also bring unwanted attention.

4) Items in Ravenloft are not for you unless you want to run the risk of obtaining a cursed item. The odds of this happening are very much not in your fave (about 90% cursed). Items should be handles with the greatest of care. All items shall be placed without touching them into the bag of holding we are providing you.

5) Returning home unstained is the key to your victory. It is vital that you follow the rituals and routines that keep you connected to home. Each domain in Ravenloft has the side effect of causing you to forget who you were. For instance in Nova Vassa, If you stay in that domain for more than 8 days on the 9th day you lose 10% of what you know of your old life. THis can be avoided or minimized by sticking to the routine and having faith in your god and your home.

I will apend this when it becomes necessary. Please use this forum to ask questions and explain how you will prepare for your journey.

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